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Special Notice To Barker Blvd. Residents

A special notices for residents of Barker Boulevard in Charleswood. Beginning January 21st, the Winnipeg Public Service will begin a 2 week project to repair the sewer outfall along the bank of the Assiniboine River just east of Barker Boulevard.

Outfalls are structures that drain urban runoff, carried by land drainage pipes to the rivers. These types of repairs must take place between January and March, when rivers are frozen and water is not flowing through the outfall pipes.

During Construction

Resident water, sewer and recycling and garbage collection services will be maintained throughout this project.

Please stay away from the construction site for safety reasons. This project may restrict some parking and traffic in your area.

Once the work is completed, the Winnipeg Public Service will restore any damaged grass areas and pavement areas as soon as possible.

Please call 311 with any project concerns or questions.

If you experience an issues after working with 311, please don't hesitate to call me any time.


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