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Some Fun Outdoor Ideas

Winter in Winnipeg is a great time to get outside and enjoy our city. During the COVID-19 pandemic, when staying active has multiple benefits, this is a wonderful time to explore.

If you love to go for a walk or run, all of city parks are open with a variety of trails and pathways, as well as playgrounds, to discover. You can also embrace the tall grass prairie by exploring the self-guided trails at the Living Prairie Museum. They are open from dawn until dusk.

The active transportation routes are great ways to stay active and explore our city. During the winter, these pathways receive an enhanced level of snow clearing to make walking enjoyable and safe.

Let's not forget our furry four-legged friend. Here's a photo of our little guy.

The off-leash dog areas are great for exercising even the most energetic members of the family.

No matter what you choose to do, it's critical you follow provincial public health orders and safety measures while enjoying the great outdoors. This includes staying at least two metres aware from every other person, unless they are members of your household, and respecting the provincial group size restrictions.


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