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Provinces Ice Roads Open

Monday, February 6, 2023 - Manitoba Transportation and Infrastructure advises that most northern communities now have winter road system access, which is key to allowing for the delivery of essential goods and regional travel.

Recognizing the province’s winter road system is a lifeline for many northern residents, the Manitoba government, working with the Government of Canada’s 50/50 cost-share agreement, has invested $9 million to provide 22 Manitoba communities with better access to supplies and essential goods.

Since 1971, winter roads have facilitated the hauling of freight to remote and northern communities and provide residents with temporary inter-community travel, as well as road access to the rest of the province. Built on the natural terrain of land and ice, the 2,375-kilometre long winter road system crosses muskeg, streams, rivers and lakes. Construction and maintenance of these roads also provides employment and training opportunities for more than 250 local residents.

The network is typically open from mid-January to mid-March, depending on weather conditions. The road serves over 30,000 Manitobans in 22 communities and carries over 2,500 shipments of goods annually. Nearly half of the shipments carry fuel, while the other half includes construction materials, heavy equipment and store supplies.

Completion timelines for all roads are dependent on weather conditions. Some sections may be closed for repairs on short notice, due to changing weather conditions. Road users are encouraged to contact individual communities for possible entry requirements before travelling.

For a complete list of Manitoba’s winter road system, visit:


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