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Proper vetting of refugees is common sense for Manitoba

Recently, I wrote about the planned Polo Park protest by pro-Palestinian activists. Many of these protesters disrupt the lives of ordinary people, families, and Canadian Businesses. It seems like we already have many people in Canada inclined to justify terrorism and take the side of Hamas.

I can’t imagine why we would want to import more people who might be inclined to make lives miserable for normal families.

That’s why I was surprised to see that last week, NDP Premier Wab Kinew wrote to the Canadian Prime Minister to offer up Manitoba as a place for Palestinians fleeing the conflict in Gaza to seek refuge. The Premier also thanked the Canadian government for voting for a ceasefire at the United Nations (oblivious to the fact that, aside from Hamas missile barrages, there was a ceasefire before Hamas massacred Israeli civilians on Oct. 7).

Read more in the Winnipeg Sun, click here.


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