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Manitoba Reaches Recycling Milestone

Wednesday, April 19, 2023 - What do you do with your batteries? Did you know they should not be put in landfills? There are options and our Government learned an organization working in Manitoba to recycle batteries has reach an impressive milestone. Call2Recycle stewardship organization has surpassed the recycling of one million kilograms of batteries in Manitoba.

I would like to applaud Call2Recycle and everyone who recycles their batteries for this exemplary achievement. This goes to show that simple steps that may seem small, such as ensuring batteries do not end up in landfills, really add up and help protect the environment.

In Manitoba, Call2Recycle has developed an extensive battery collection and recycling program, with 89 per cent of Manitobans located within 15 kilometres of one of its 280 drop-off locations.

“We are proud to see this important battery-recycling milestone reached thanks to the outstanding efforts of our provincial collection and program partners, the Manitoba government and industry, and particularly all Manitobans,” said Joe Zenobio, president, Call2Recycle Canada. “We are looking forward to a strong recycling future in Manitoba to continue diverting batteries from the landfills and building a strong Manitoban circular economy."

You are welcome to bring your batteries to our Kirkfield Park office and we will ensure they are properly recycled. I am extremely proud that the Office of the Environment and Climate have recycling boxes available for all Legislative Members to utilize.

While we can be proud of what has been accomplished so far, we still have more work to do together. I encourage everyone to do their part to divert even more waste from our landfills. Let’s think outside the box and find new ways to reduce, reuse and recycle, each and every day.

Together, we will continue building a more sustainable future.”


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