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Manitoba Metis Speak Out on Bowman's Response to Klein

WINNIPEG, MB - January 5, 2021 Councillor Kevin Klein (Charleswood-Tuxedo-Westwood) addressed a letter to Mayor Bowman kindly asking he add an Indigenous Elder, a member of the the Metis Federation, and a youth representative to the Bay Downtown Advisory Committee.

A spokesperson for Bowman told the Winnipeg Sun, "Klein might be unaware there are already two members of BDAC who are of “Indigenous descent,” adding the HBC building is still privately owned. They said BDAC will have discussions with HBC to understand its preferred divestment strategy and to engage stakeholders to advise on opportunities for repurposing.

January 13 President Chartrand, Manitoba Metis Federation, sent a letter to Mayor Bowman reacting to the dismissal of Councillor Klein's request.

Press Release from the Mayors Office.


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