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Manitoba Conservatives need to be clear: We stand with Israel

A University of Manitoba student, Arij Al Khafagi, was suspended for the remainder of the 2023-24 school year after she made a series of posts on social media. One of the posts depicts an Israeli soldier looking in a mirror wearing a swastika. That is antisemitism, plain and simple. Arij Al Khafagi was in the nursing program at the Rady Faculty of Health Sciences.

The post was undeniably anti-Semitic, so I was surprised that two Conservative MLAs wrote a letter to NDP Minister Cable, Minister of Advanced Education and Training, asking her to step in on behalf of the student. The letter penned by Conservative MLAs Richard Perchote and Obby Khan said, “it sends an unacceptable message to academically penalize a student for expressing herself.” The post was clearly anti-Semitic, and it’s disappointing to see anyone, particularly a fellow conservative, lack clarity on this issue.

Read more at the Winnipeg Sun, click here.


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