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Episode One - COVId

WINNIPEG, MB - I have long believed that an elected official's essential responsibilities include communicating openly and often with the residents they serve. Listening to those residents and putting their residents' best interest first instead of their career's best interest.

Today I am proud to launch another form of communication and information sharing to the residents I serve "Let's Talk Winnipeg - The Podcast."

Twice monthly, I will speak with Winnipeg leaders on topics that impact residents' lives in our community. The objective is to learn, laugh, and consider new ideas for our city.

Watch or listen to Episode One as I have an in-depth conversation about COVID with Epidemiologists Cynthia Carr, B.A. (Hons.), M.P.A., M.Sc. of EPI Research.

Cynthia provides scientific and psychological insight that helps us better understand the virus and the different emotional effects it has on each of us.

Let's Talk Winnipeg are a longer conversation and available as a podcast on SoundCloud, which you will find here.


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