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Klein's Motion to Not Sell John Blumberg Passes Another Hurdle

Earlier this week, a motion I moved to oppose the John Blumberg Golf Course sale passed another hurdle at City Hall.

After a brief discussion among members of the Mayors EPC, the motion passed by a vote of 4-3.

The Councillors who voted to sell John Blumberg were Councillor Scott Gillingham, Jeff Browaty, and Mayor Bowman.

The Mayor commented that this is not green space in Winnipeg and that he will be referring to this vote in the future.

Councillor Gillingham, who is Finance Chair, said the city requires $102 million to address concerns with our current city parks and green spaces. Because of questionable budget decisions?

Unfortunately, we allocated insufficient funding to maintain these assets properly over the last six budgets.

Why is $13 million, less after the Public Service siphons off departmental charges, so desperately needed to address failing park and green space infrastructure? What are we not being told?

There was talk that the city would buy more green space inside the city limits with these funds. My motion to increase green space by 1,000 acres that passed last year seems to be why. How many acres of green space could you purchase within Winnipeg for $13 million? Certainly not enough to replace what would be lost. Is the city that desperate for money?

These developments have made me more concerned with our inability to budget and spend tax dollars appropriately. Obviously, we have a more significant financial problem than we are being told.

The motion will now move to City Council next week for a final vote.


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