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Klein Announces Historical Change At City Hall That is Long Overdue

When I announced my bid to become the Mayor of Winnipeg, I committed to delivery on three pillars. Safe neighbourhoods, accountability at City Hall, and bring real leadership.

Under the pillar of Real Leadership I made a commitment on August 16 that as Mayor, I will immediately appoint all members of Council to the Budget Working Group; and

  • Direct the Winnipeg Public Service to provide any necessary budget information to all members of Council and respond to questions from Councillors with respect to the formulation of the budget within 72 business hours.

  • Present the draft capital and operating budgets with separate recommendations for each department for consideration and discussion by all of Council.

  • Present the proposed Capital Project Summary listing, as separate recommendations for consideration by consent, organized by department, and that:

  • Any member of Council may identify projects in the listing which will not be considered consent items;

  • Items which are withdrawn from the consent listing shall be deliberated and voted on by Council separately.

The status quo in our city government has to go, it is broken and not benefiting all of Winnipeg.

Please watch the video for complete details.

Remember you can help by donating or volunteering.


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