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Kevin Klein: "Letter writer’s attempt to rewrite Hamas history ludicrous"

I was disappointed that the Winnipeg Sun published a letter to the editor attempting to change history. The letter read; “So I clearly can see that the Sun is in full support of the Israel Mossad and thinks it’s OK to slaughter thousands and thousands of innocent Palestinians because a small terrorist group reportedly killed just over a thousand.”

First, Hamas is the governing body that ordered the attack and killings of over a thousand innocent people in Israel on Oct. 7. That is a fact, and it’s irrefutable. The letter also went on to say, “We’re supposed to believe that a small handful of Hamas somehow circumvented all those safeguards and caused mayhem?”

Yes. All news agencies around the globe reported the facts of the horrific attack on Israel on Oct. 7. Many compared the attack to the 9/11 terrorist attacks that happened on U.S. soil. No one disputes that Hamas terrorists initiated this horrific attack that led to this war. To make such ludicrous claims, as this author did, is just more anti-Semitic hate speech. We continue to hear story after story of people who are now denying and questioning the Holocaust — pure ignorance.

Read more in the Winnipeg Sun, click here.


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