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Kevin Klein Committed to Improving Public Safety in All Winnipeg School Zones

Winnipeg, Man. (September 9, 2022) - As the municipal election inches closer, public safety and restoring confidence in city hall will continue to be topics that the people of Winnipeg will hear about from Kevin Klein.

In 2019, owner of Expert Electric, Chuck Lewis, generously offered to donate solar powered flashing amber lights that would then be installed in all of the city’s school zones. The purpose of these lights is to alert drivers that they must reduce their speed, and be vigilant of children and other pedestrians while travelling through the area. Klein was in full support of this donation, however, since the offer from Lewis, only one set of the 480 lights has been installed. This is unacceptable, and again highlights the need for matters concerning crime and public safety to be expedited through city hall, rather than lost in bureaucracy and red tape.

“As mayor, your safety comes first,” says Klein. “I will not allow unnecessary red tape, politics, and backroom discussions to impede beneficial programs that make sense at city hall. Vote Klein for Mayor on October 26th and I will get things done.”

Klein committed, during a media event at his campaign office today, that as Mayor he will ensure every school zone in Winnipeg will have flashing amber lights and that he would use funds from the photo radar program to pay the approximately $2.5 million. In addition Klein said he would have all photo radar vehicles painted in a bright yellow colour.”

"I have heard from residents throughout the city that they feel photo radar is a cash grab," said Klein. "Placing the beacons and painting the vehicles in yellow will help inform drivers they must slow down. If they ignore the warnings and speed, the ticket is a result of the infraction and you were warned."

Klein said, “Utilizing a small amount of photo radar funds is a good use of those dollars. When you consider one school zone on Berry Street N generated over $8 million in ticket revenue, $2.5 million to increase awareness is justifiable."


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