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It's Time to Hold Winnipeg City Councillors accountable for Mismanagement

In the Saturday edition of the Winnipeg Sun, Hal Anderson shared his personal frustration, a sentiment that many of us share, over the lack of accountability at Winnipeg City Hall. The disheartening revelations about the internal mismanagement of our city have sparked a crucial discussion about the need for change.

A recent report has unveiled a staggering fact: From 2018 to 2022, 67% of city employees did not undergo a performance evaluation. This neglect has persisted for years, representing an inexcusable oversight and a gross waste of taxpayer dollars — likely amounting to millions. How can this have been allowed to happen under the watch of those we elected to ensure our city’s efficient and effective management?

Numerous city councillors have expressed outrage over this issue, pointing fingers and shifting blame. However, the responsibility lies squarely with them. They are the stewards of our city, entrusted with the management and oversight of its operations. Their failure to address such a critical aspect of governance reflects a deep-rooted problem within the current system.

Read more in the June 16, 2024 Winnipeg Sun, click here.


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