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Is The EPC Model Outdated? Find out With Dr. Moore

WINNIPEG, MB. - How often have you heard Winnipeg City Councillors talk about the "EPC"? The Mayor's hand-picked team to ensure a majority in council for all votes with the addition of his Deputy Mayor and acting Deputy Mayor.

EPC is the Executive Policy Committee. Made up of six city councillors and the Mayor. The Public Administration reports to only EPC members and the Mayor.

The EPC members and two deputy mayor's receive additional financial benefit for their commitment to a vote yes when directed.

Here are the additional dollars paid to the inner-circle from 2019.

  • Deputy Mayor, Speaker, and EPC members receive $12,800 more than other council members, who are at $96,328.

  • Each EPC member is given an additional $6200 in spending money.

  • Some EPC members are also appointed to other committees and given another $4450 in more spending money. There are five committees, and only one has a non-EPC member appointed.

  • The Deputy mayor's each receive $4450 in spending money.

So, how should it work? Listen in as I speak with a recognized expert in Municipal Governance, Dr. Aaron Moore of the University of Winnipeg. Dr. Moore shares a lot of insight on the issue and provides thoughts on what is best.

Today's environment is more focused on politics than real issues, such as 87 murders in 24 months and six consecutive years of violent crime growth. This council seems resistant to change and happy with hanging onto the old ways.

The division and politicking that is ongoing at City Council prohibit us from making substantial changes, long overdue in our city.

You can demand change, and you can make a difference. Become engaged in the Governance Review happening now.


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