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Inclusivity and Diversity

Winnipeg, Man. (September 27, 2022) - Below you will find my commitment to inclusivity and diversity which I made as a councilor and as a mayoral candidate.

In the first few minutes of my platform launch speech I talk about making Winnipeg healthy again and the importance of inclusivity of all political beliefs, cultures, and diverse backgrounds. Click on the video below to access this part of my speech:

I have also taken steps and made a motion to increase the accessibility of those experiencing assaults and violence to attend City Council meetings anonymously, so that we can give them a voice, learn from them and find solutions directly from those impacted:

Please read this article with my viewpoints on religion and faith:

You may also be interested in learning more about my mom and the impact of domestic violence on my life:

In the news:

City councillor creates program to promote diversity, inclusivity -


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