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Good News and Bad News Regarding Trees

This is a good news, bad news story and I have an important question for you at the end.

I will begin with the good news. I committed to working with the Public Service to replace some of the trees removed by the moving of a large house and I wanted to provide you with an update.

After a couple of meetings with our forestry team I am happy to report that some of the trees will be replaced next spring. I learned that it is prefered to plant trees in the spring because of our harsh winter conditions and use of salt on the roads.

Unfortunately I will share the bad news. The forestry department has identified center median trees for removal this fall as they are in severe decline or dead. These trees are not related to the house move on Roblin. Below are maps showing the trees to be removed as red dots.

Approximately 30 trees on Roblin and Corydon between Scotswood and Park Blvd:

Approximately 79 trees on Grant between Coventry and all the way to Pembina – about half are in our ward.

Finally I need your help. I would welcome ideas on other ways to beautify our community on these major feeder routes. Please email me at


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