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City Gambles Taxpayer Money Again

By Winnipeg Councillor Kevin Klein - Charleswood-Tuxedo-Westwood

I'm extremely disappointed with the Mayor and his EPC on their vote opposing the Parker Lands Development. We can't ignore irresponsible decisions and especially those predetermined behind closed doors.

Friday May 22nd the Mayor and his EPC voted no the development, no to the $500 million investment, and no to common sense. However their vote did gamble your money by forcing a return to court. Did I mention the City has already lost 5 out of 5 in court on this development?

On May 21st, I appeared before PP&D, via Zoom, asking my colleagues to consider what they would do if it was their money being gambling? If they would take advice from their lawyer if they lost 5 out of 5 court cases already or would they seek a second opinion?

Sadly, the committee also voted no to the proposed development.

( Artist conception of proposal for Fulton Grove, the development planned for the Parker lands by Gem Equities)

The City spent $500 million on the first two routes of their Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system. The Mayor told media he wanted housing along those routes, then why did he vote opposed to development? Why does he spend millions of taxpayer dollars in legal fees to fight development after saying he wanted it?

How can leadership justify the millions in lost revenue and legal fees? What is the real reason to not allow the "Parker Land" development while consistently altering the rules for other developers.

The Mayor and his EPC continue to control the outcome and redirect blame repeating a familiar phrase "It was a Council decision". No Municipal Government should be left to rule in the shadows of democracy.

I wonder if these same councillors will vote no to the Polo Park or Portage Place development?

I remain committed to holding people accountable for questionable decisions and those who show no respect for #Winnipeg taxpayers that are left to pay for the mistakes.

Read more in this Winnipeg Sun article.


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