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Charges in Winnipeg Meth Lab

File photo used, not the actual lab.

SOURCE - Winnipeg Police

In July, members of the Winnipeg Police Drug Enforcement Unit (DEU) began an investigation into a possible methamphetamine lab located in a residential neighbourhood in the city.

On July 30, 2020, the DEU, with the assistance of numerous other units (Tactical Support Team, Guns & Gangs, Organized Crime Unit, and the Clandestine Lab Team), executed a search warrant at a single-family residence located in the Kildare-Redonda neighbourhood.

The search of the residence uncovered a set-up to produce methamphetamine employing the ‘One Pot Method.’ This method of meth production is extremely dangerous due to the chemical reaction caused, which can lead to possible explosions. As well, numerous toxic precursor chemicals were located within the home.

Two adults were arrested:

-Darrell Allen SIMARD, 36, of Winnipeg

-Lisa Rose GLADUE, 34, of Winnipeg

Simard and Gladue were both charged with Production of Methamphetamine and Possession of Methamphetamine and detained in custody.


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