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Ash Removal in Our Community

(Kevin Klein - Councillor for Charles-Tuxedo-Westwood)

WINNIPEG - Please be advised that ash removals are continuing in our community. The Public Service will be working in our ward, Charleswood-Tuxedo-Westwood (east of the Assiniboine Forest). They are also working in other areas such as River Heights-Fort Garry, Fort Rouge-East Fort Garry and Daniel McIntyre.

The Public Service will remove dead and declining black ash affected by Cottony Ash Psyllid and are expected to finish these ash removals by the end of the calendar year. The current policy is to chip all ash at the site during the EAB beetle feeding/breeding period to reduce the risk of spreading EAB (which is difficult to detect, and therefore may also be present), so many of these trees will be chipped on site. Trees scheduled for removal will be marked with a purple dot. All residents directly affected by this removal program will receive a Tree Removal Courtesy Notice.

Should you have any questions please call our office at 204 986 5232 or email


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