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As Mayor, Kevin Klein Will End Over 20-Years of Secret Meetings and Second-Class Councillors

Winnipeg, Man. (September 23, 2022) - With its business-as-usual approach to managing important city issues, city hall continues to fail when it comes to meeting the needs of the people of Winnipeg. On his first day as mayor, Kevin Klein will put an end to secret meetings and restructure the Executive Policy Committee and eliminate the Big Mayor model, therefore allowing all city councillors to be included in policy development. The removal of the current two-tier system, which limits certain administrative discussions to only a select number of councillors, will result in more accountability, transparency, and better local representation at city hall. The complete elimination of the undemocratic system, which has not served residents well, will require a change in the Charter. Until the official elimination, Klein’s plan will see community committee members select a representative to participate on the new senior leadership team. Should the change to the Charter take longer, the Community Committee appointees will serve for a designated period of 16-months, which is in alignment with the rotation of the chair of the community committee, allowing the committee members to select a new representative.

“I have been listening to residents throughout our city, and councillors who are tired of the Big Mayor Model. I have been a vocal opponent of the EPC ever since I was elected in 2018,” says Klein. “Openness and accountability matter at every level of government, but undeniably at the municipal level. Good governance means ensuring that elected officials can offer input and participate in the decision-making process equally.”


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