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Another Seniors Group Fighting with City Hall

Councillor Kevin Klein serving Charleswood-Tuxedo-Westwood

It was not that long ago the members of the Charleswood 55+ Active Living Centre found themselves at the mercy of the City of Winnipeg after being asked to vacate a building they used for programming in our community.

That building by the way, sits empty.

It seems the Mayor and his EPC members are challenging another group of mature residents of the City, the Good Neighbours Active Living Centre.

The group is claiming this leadership is trying to cut the organization out of a co-management agreement at an East Kildonan community club.

Members of the Good Neighbours board says this leadership refuses to honour an agreement that it says was brokered by the city in July 2009, and gives both Good Neighbours and the Bronx Park Community Club equal authority to govern operations at Bronx Park Community Centre.

The group is being ignored by The Mayor and his EPC inner circle members. We took time to speak with members of the group that included, Mona, John, Bill, and Adam to learn more about this issue.

Listen to their side of the story. Click on the box below to hear the discussion with members of the board, Councillor Shawn Nason, and myself.

Is this how you want the City Council to treat residents?

How do you feel about this? Share your comments on line or send me an email to

Call the Mayor and your City Councillor and tell them this is unacceptable behaviour. Remember, we all work for you.


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