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2021 City Salaries Made Public

The City of Winnipeg annual compensation report was published to the public yesterday and indicates that some staff took home over $200,000 in pay in 2021.

The annual compensation report is prepared by KMPG for the City of Winnipeg, and be viewed in its entirety by clicking here.

The report shows the highest-paid person was Dave Wardrop who was the city’s chief transportation & utilities officer, who made $380,000.

The Police Chief made $288,000, and Winnipeg Fire Chief ended the year with $218,000.

The highest paid elected official was Mayor Bowman took home $198,000 in 2021. Members of the Mayor's Executive Policy Committee took home more salary in 2021 and had higher expense accounts.

It is important to know that the report includes all forms of compensation, such as back pay, severance, salary, overtime, and others.


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