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You Pay For it, But We Can't Tell You...

Councillor Kevin Klein serving Charleswood-Tuxedo-Westwood

It's no secret that nothing has changed at Winnipeg City Hall for decades. How can I say that? The City is managed, poorly, behind closed doors. Information is not shared, and the Executive Policy Committee is used by the Mayor to control all the power.

I ask you what has changed at City Hall?

I supported Brian Bowman's second run because I believed he wanted transparency. He told a reporter, during the 2014 campaign, that EPC lead to division and mistrust.

Nothing has changed. This Mayor uses his EPC plus three to control power and pass or defeat any motion he desires.

I realize that's a bold statement but look at the evidence yourself. During the first 18 months of entering politics, I've introduced countless motions to change how we conduct City Hall business. All of those motions, click here, defeated by the Mayor's inner circle.

At the Mayor's direction, the Public Service stopped providing answers to non EPC +3 councillors. They'll only answer questions sent to the "General Inquiry Email" within 14-days of receiving them, of course, or sooner.

Now, the Mayor has taken even more control. Now we've been told that we can't share information with you—the people who pay for it—the people who pay all the salaries at City Hall. You even pay for the Mayor's $1 million expense account and the extra security he ordered.

But we can't tell you anything unless it's approved propaganda our of the Mayor's office.

This new order is unacceptable and juvenile. I will not withhold taxpayer information no matter who tells me I must.

Call the Mayor and your City Councillor and tell them this is unacceptable. Remember we work for you and an election is coming soon.


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