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Winnipeg Wanted Real Action To Stop The Disruption

Winnipeg wanted action.

During a special meeting of Winnipeg City Council on Thursday, I addressed my colleagues regarding the protest at the Manitoba Legislature, the impact on city finances, and area residents and businesses.

I moved a motion on the floor of council directing the City of Winnipeg to apply for a court-ordered injunction. I addressed my colleagues and them to take real action for our residents. Listen to what I said below.

I thank my Council Colleagues for working together in a strong team effort. If it was me, this is how council would work, join forces in the best interest of the City not personal objectives.

I was pleased that many Winnipeg media outlets covered the results, positively.

CTV Winnipeg News

CBC Radio Manitoba

City mulls court action on anti-mandate protest

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Winnipeg's top civil servant to explore injunction against downtown protest

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