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Winnipeg Violent Crime Up Year Over Year

Today the Winnipeg Police Service released their 2021 Statistical Report, and violent crime is up for another year.

In the report the police said gun-related calls for service increased by 27% over the past five years. Violent crime increased by 5% over 2020. That was driven primarily by a resurgence in assaults, particularly assaults involving weapons. The number of violent crimes involving knives is also high.

Homicides remain high for the third year in a row, well outside the five-year average. In 2022 we are already well above the average to date with 25 homicides reported for the year. The record number of homicides is forty-four.

The report shows property crime is lower with fewer reports of shoplifting, particularly in liquor stores. However, there was a marked and substantial increase in the theft of catalytic converters has reached record levels.

Read the entire report, click here.


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