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Wellington Riverbank Update June 28th

Winnipeg CIty Councillor Kevin Klein

The last update on the Wellington Crescent Riverbank, Path, and Roadway Project was June 17th (click here to read). In that update, I said I would be moving a motion at Assiniboia Community Committee to pause the current City plan.

The motion was passed and will now move to the Standing Policy Committee for Infrastructure Renewal and Public Works on July 7th.

We are preparing to appear before the committee and provide a further update with the results of the vote. It will then go to the Mayor's EPC then to City Council unless delayed in the process.

The City of Winnipeg continues to push forward with the project and begun further "public engagement" by way of their online survey. Please take the time to fill it out and tell your neighbours.

Wellington Crescent Riverbank, Path, and Roadway Project

The City has been investigating how best to protect infrastructure and preserve part of the south bank of the Assiniboine River on Wellington Crescent.

Have your say on the recommended design:

Visit for more information. 


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