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Winnipeg Needs to Implement 24-Hour Road Construction

It is time for Winnipeg to implement 24-hour road work.
Winnipeg road words needs a better approach.

This past Saturday, I found myself at a local business. This is the kind of place that usually requires an early morning visit to beat the rush, but on this particular day, it was surprisingly quiet.

It wasn’t the quality of products or service, it was the “road-closed” and “no parking” signs in front of the businesses on this street. There was no sign of equipment or obstacles anywhere.

Curious about the sudden change, I asked the owner how things were going. His response was far from what I expected.

“It’s been a disaster,” he said. “This construction has cut my business dramatically.” I probed further, asking if he had received any warning from the City of Winnipeg or his area councillor. His answer was a disheartening “Nope, not a peep from either source.”

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