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Councillor Klein says "it's time to take the City back from gangs and violence."

Winnipeg City Councillor Kevin Klein serving Charleswood-Tuxedo-Westwood

Only weeks ago, the Winnipeg Police released the 2019 crime statistics, and there was little surprise crime increased by 10% over 2018. The 6th consecutive year crime has risen in our city.

This past weekend saw three people shot in a nightclub, multiple stabbings, assaults, sexual assaults, and robberies. Read more at the Winnipeg Police News Site, click here.

And what has this City Council done? In the last year, it has attempted to alter the pension plan arbitrarily. Current members of City Council have openly criticized police on social media over the previous 4 weeks. One called the police "racist, discriminatory, and prejudicial." Another Councillor called the integrity of the service into question, then refused to comment after making that claim online.

The Mayor and Finance Chair, Councillor Gillingham, are consistently claiming police budgets are out of control. That from the same individuals that supported a 2.5% pay increase year after year in the last Winnipeg Police Service contract and who also support charging police $10 million in rent per year for the new downtown HQ.

There is a lot of talks, but that is all it is, talk. No discussions have occurred that immediately outline action addressing our increasing crime rate that has plagued our city.

Councillor Klein told CJOB's Clay Young during a Sunday morning interview, "it's time to take the City back from gangs and violence."

Klein said we need to send a message to gangs and drug dealers. At the same time the Province needs to do their part and keep those individuals in jail and put more focus on youth programs that have been neglected.


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