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Klein Asks "Who is in Charge?

Who is responsible for the City of Winnipeg?

As Winnipeggers voiced their anger on social media about the deployment of noise devices put under select bridges where homeless people would gather, Councillor Klein and Councillor Nason (Transcona) sent an email request to the Mayor, CAO and all members of City Council.

Quickly following all members of City Council received an email from the CAO indicating "the devices would be removed." That response was troubling and did not address the other major concerns. Therefore, I sent a follow up to the Mayor, all members of City Council and the CAO requesting that we be provided with the specific date the devices would be removed.

As of June 25 @ 6:00 PM there has been no response from the CAO or the Mayor.

Despite the many media responses from on this topic today, I still have not received a reply to my question.

Residents of Winnipeg are not pleased with the fact nobody has taken responsibility. Councillor Klein told Kathy Kennedy of CJOB, one question is "who is running the City?"

Klein spoke with Marcy Markusa of CBC on the morning of June 25th.


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