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Klein Calls Out Inappropriate Comments of Mayor's EPC Team Member

WINNIPEG - I am shocked at the inability we are witnessing to manage our City. Members of the Council learned this morning they would not have a dialogue on the Parker Lands development.

The actions today are suspect and need further investigation. We requested a council seminar regarding the contempt of court charges in August of 2019, still waiting today. How can one not jump to conclusions and assume the worst, are they're hiding something?

May 25, 2020, I sent two specific questions to legal services, I have provided a copy of that email to this notice.

We provided two directions from the Contempt of Court Order that the Mayor and EPC will not direct the Public Service to answer. Withholding information and documents eliminates my ability to do my job effectively for the residents of Charleswood Tuxedo Westwood.

I provided evidence to legal services, all members of Council, EPC, and the Mayor on Monday, no reply. I quoted the judge's contempt of court ruling. No reply.

What is the big secret? Now we know, the Mayor and EPC seem to be feeling the pressure of continuously putting taxpayers' money at risk foolishly.

In a video posted yesterday,, in which Klein says, "Know when to hold them and know when to fold them... especially when it's not your money".

All that matters to this leadership is controlling the public messaging and media headlines. Will that be the legacy of this council?


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