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Varsity View Receives City Grant

Winnipeg, MB – Councillor Kevin Klein is pleased that one Charleswood-Tuxedo-Westwood area Community Centre was successful in their request for a Community Centre Renovation Grant.

“Community centres are an essential part of our communities. The renewal of these community hubs is a key objective of mine while in office. Many community centres are home too activity for our youth, and a meeting place for families.” said Councillor Klein. “I appreciate the grant for Varsity View and acknowledge more needs to be done in our ward (Charleswood-Tuxedo-Westwood) to improve our parks and community centres."

Varsity View Community Centre Inc., was granted $62,122.48 to be used for Ice Plant Upgrades.

In 2020 Councillor Klein invested over $200,000 in park upgrades and repairs in Westwood, Charleswood and Tuxedo and said, "I look forward to working with residents to do even more in 2021."

If you have an idea to beautify your street, improve playground equipment or your community centre overdue for some repairs call Councillor Klein at 204 986 5232 or email to begin the conversation.

The Community Centre Renovation Grant Program that City-owned, board-run community centres can access much-needed assistance required to complete facility repairs, upgrades, retrofits, safety improvements, and renovation projects. The grant allows them the ability to set programming priorities.

The program has two intake periods each year: a spring intake in March and a fall intake in October. Fall 2020 was the eighteenth application period for the program. Since the program’s inception in 2012, the City has invested $8,926,624.99 towards 195 community centre applications for renovations across the city.

Information regarding the CCRGP, including how community centres can apply, can be found at City of Winnipeg – Community Centres


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