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Update on Overland Flooding Impacting our Community

As you are aware, Environment Canada issued a Rainfall Warning for Winnipeg and Southern Manitoba with precipitation continuing today. The Province of Manitoba have warned that the current system will bring overland flooding and it has.

I am receiving calls, emails, and messages from concerned residents in our community. I have been engaged in conversations with some of my colleagues, who are experiencing issues in their areas and I contacted the City of Winnipeg CAO.

When I communicated with Michael Jack, CAO, regarding the growing concerns of residents. Officials told me that a number of factors are overwhelming our land drainage systems in some areas:

  • Late thaw resulting in above average amount of frozen ground for this time of year

  • Already saturated soil

  • Extreme and prolonged precipitation

Crews from Water and Waste and from Public Works are working on a 24/7 basis to address all situations being reported.

Residents are telling me about the long waits on 311, two to three hours in some cases and I apologize. I have been informed more 311 and overtime is being initiated to reduce the delays.

I appreciate the frustration and stress these events cause. I urge you to email 311 at to file your complaint and copy me using my city address I will then have the ability to follow up on the case number on your behalf.

I strongly suggest you provide photos of the situation when you send the email. A picture says a thousand words and one or two is sufficient.

Steaming crews are also out melting frozen catch basins to improve drainage. Spot a street with standing water? Please report it immediately using this online form:

The city has sandbags for residents to pick up from city yards to protect homes. Learn more at

Unfortunately, the weather event will bring a more precipitation, but warmer temperatures are expected to begin Tuesday and improve throughout the week. The Environment Canada forecast can be found by clicking here.


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