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The left’s narrative of blame, and division poses significant threat

In recent years, a growing and concerning trend has emerged from the extreme left, one that threatens the very foundation of our democratic society. This trend is marked by intolerance for differing beliefs, a refusal to acknowledge personal responsibility and a pervasive culture of blame. Particularly alarming is the insistence that those of the current establishment are inherently at fault for all societal issues, a narrative that not only distorts reality but fosters further division.

The left’s refusal to engage in genuine dialogue and their penchant for assigning blame rather than seeking solutions is deeply troubling. This manipulative approach, which pressures individuals into feeling guilty if they do not subscribe to extreme ideologies, is not only unfair but also counterproductive. A local business owner recently shared with me a letter from the Asper School of Business, urging his company to sign an agreement ensuring strict adherence to new Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) parameters. This demand crosses a critical line, infringing upon the autonomy of private enterprises.

In a democratic society, businesses should be free to hire the best person for the job, regardless of their race, sexuality, or religion. This is not about discriminating against anyone but ensuring fairness and equality for all. The imposition of DEI mandates, while well-intentioned, risks undermining the very principles of meritocracy and fairness. It is essential to recognize that equality means providing equal opportunities for all, not enforcing equality of outcomes through coercive measures.

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