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Stop The Nonsense at Winnipeg City Hall

WINNIPEG, MB - Councillor Kevin Klein is urging his council colleagues and residents to push back on the governance review this administration is attempting to manipulate through at a challenging time. "This strategy is meant to deceive residents and control the outcome," said Klein.

The current leadership at City Hall has an aggressive agenda for 2021. They intend to cement Master Plans for transit, parking, traffic, infill, Our Winnipeg, Complete Communities, and others.

Most concerning is that this administration intends to introduce a new Governance Model to the many strategic plans identified above.

This leadership plans to take advantage of the most challenging time in over one hundred years of our history. Using our antiquated "Big Mayor Model" of governance that NO other city in Canada employs, the leadership will control the outcome of Winnipeg's future.

Why are they doing this? Because they are hoping you won't pay attention. A manipulation tactic that's disrespectful, and fallacious to citizens of Winnipeg who deserve a better Winnipeg.

I am urging all residents to speak up and take back Winnipeg from the current undemocratic process that the majority of City Councillors are ignoring and using to their advantage today.

Questions about the process? How can you be heard? How can you make a difference? Please feel free to call me at 204 986 5232 or email

Let's change City Hall.


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