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Sewer Work to Begin on Collingham Bay April 8th

The City of Winnipeg we will begin a three-week project to repair the aging sewer on Collingham Bay between number 7 and 55.

During construction

The Water and Waste Department officials said water, sewer and recycling and garbage collection services will be maintained throughout this project.

This project may also restrict some parking and traffic in on Collingham Bay, which may cause you some inconvenience, but this is necessary work the City is doing so I ask you to please be patience.

Once the City has completed the work, they have said they will restore any damaged boulevard and pavement areas as soon as possible. Please contact 311 by phone or email at with any project concerns or questions.

As always, I invite you to call me anytime during the project and after if you have issues or damage that is not being addressed.


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