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Roblin Park Outdoor Ice Opening Details

By: Roblin Park Community Centre

Good news! Roblin Park's rinks are opening! Please read all the info below as things are going to look a bit different this year.

This winter, the rinks are free for all Roblin Park community members to use, but they will ONLY BE AVAILABLE THROUGH AN ONLINE BOOKING SYSTEM. This system is being implemented to ensure all families can have the confidence that ice will be available to them when they arrive and ensure that numbers remain limited onsite. We know everyone is very excited to use the rinks again so we want to ensure the area remains safe and fun at all times.

All the information you need to know and the sign-up link is at

Please note, at this time, you will be limited to one slot per day to start and slots will be 50 minutes in length. Please do not abuse the system. All of this will be evaluated regularly and may change depending on how it’s working. Please understand this is all very new for us! We appreciate your feedback too.

As well, one slide is now open and available to use without a booking. The pleasure skating trail and an additional pleasure rinks will be available without a booking. It is your responsibility to follow all Manitoba Health guidelines.

How to enjoy Roblin Park Community Centre's outdoor rinks

1. Rinks are free for all Roblin Park community members to use, but only available through this online booking system. Maximum one slot per day. 2. Before coming to RPCC, you must self-screen by going to the Manitoba Health website. 3. Show up for your time no more than 10 minutes early. 4. You may only enter the rink area from the south parking lot. Do not enter from anywhere else. 5.Come to the rink fully dressed for skating. Benches will be available outdoors between the rinks for putting on skates. 6. Wait until your start time before entering the rinks. Only enter the rink booked. 7. Take all of your possessions with you onto the ice and leave it on the bench closest to your ice a 8. Keep track of your time. When time is up, change out of your skates on the hockey bench 9. Exit to the North parking lot along Rink 3.


1. Ensure you only remain with and interact with people from your family or group. 2. Physical distancing must be maintained unless you are in the same family, even if you are skating together. Masks recommended. 3. If you or a family member are feeling ill, DO NOT enter the premises. 4. Rinks are divided into two sections as follows: Rink 1 A & B, Rink 2 A & B, Rink 3 A & B. Remain in your section unless you are entering or exiting the ice. 5. Maximum 5 skaters per section (unless family), ten total on any ice surface. 6. Ice times are limited to 50 minutes. Please be considerate and monitor time spent on ice. 7. Skate change area and washrooms are closed at all time. No exceptions. Benches will be available around the sire for changing.skates. 8. All rinks available on booking system only. You must book a spot to use rinks. 9. Adult supervision required for anyone under 12. 10. Be respectful of all Roblin Park staff, volunteers and visitors. Zero tolerance.

Questions or concerns? Email us.


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