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Residents Who Live Near Wellington Cres - Take Note

Winnipeg, MB – The City of Winnipeg is inviting residents to view and provide feedback on the recommended design for the Wellington Riverbank, Path, and Roadway Project.

This project is aiming to find a solution for the Assiniboine River’s failing south bank along Wellington Crescent between Assiniboine Park and Doncaster Street. In the summer of 2016, cracks appeared in the walk bike path along Wellington Crescent near Lamont Boulevard. The City was monitoring the area and found that the cracking was caused by riverbank movement. The riverbank movement continued to worsen, and in July 2017 the riverbank failed. The walk bike path was closed for safety reasons and a temporary gravel detour was built along the north curb of Wellington Crescent. The riverbank monitoring also identified potential risks to the path and street at other locations within the project area. In September 2018, the City began investigating solutions for the project area. 

To comply with COVID-19 public health recommendations, the City has created an interactive online information portalthat will serve as the project’s feedback hub. Residents are invited to visit the portal until July 19, 2020 to view the design, take a short survey, and use the Q&A to ask the project team questions.

Residents without Internet access or with accessibility concerns can also contact the project team at 204-986-4243 to discuss alternative formats.

For more information, please visit:


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