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The Old Ways At City Hall Don't Work Anymore

Winnipeg City Councillor Kevin Klein serving Charleswood-Tuxedo-Westwood

There is no doubt that division at City Hall is alive and, sadly, well.

I've been at City Hall for two years, but I've witnessed this division personally. I have verified that information continues to be withheld from elected officials, and many openly violate the Winnipeg Act with private meetings and access to executives.

I'm sure this is no surprise to many of you, but I'm not the type of person to accept it and play the game when it's wrong and not benefiting Winnipeg.

I decided to appear before the Mayor, his inner circle, and the CAO to openly and publicly present my concerns and reach out my hand in an offer to change.

I said City Hall is divided. We are divided. What is it that makes a position on EPC (the Mayor's inner circle) that creates division among colleagues that are not on EPC? Is it perceived power that comes with the title? Is it the extra money or additional spending account you receive?

In martial arts, I teach my students what my Master taught me. I've made one change to understand the message better, belt-colour I will replace with a title. A title may give you a sense of power and demand respect, but only your character and actions will earn you respect. I may not always agree with you, but I came here, respecting each of you. Believing we are all equal, we all want to leave Winnipeg better than when we were elected to serve.

We still can! Each of you can vote however you wish, right now. Each of you could choose to work together with all elected officials right now. You could use the voice given to you by the residents who elected you, just like me, and say NO to division, no to secret meetings, and no to information held locked behind closed doors.

Sadly, nothing changed, but I can't give up. A well functioning and trustworthy municipal government are vital to Winnipeg. We have to re-boot City Hall and start over. The old ways don't work anymore.


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