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Name These Winnipeg Inventors to Win

(Kevin Klein - Charleswood-Tuxedo-Westwood)

Congratulations to Oliva who was the first winner for Klein's Quiz. SHe wins a $20 Gift Card from our locally owned McDonald's on Grant Avenue.

Here is another chance for you to play, win and support our family or friends who own businesses in Winnipeg.

The theme for our April 8th questions is "Inventions". All three questions require you to name the one or two people from Winnipeg who made the inventions below.

This inventor grew up in the North End of Winnipeg breaking apart Coke bottles to figure out how to burn paper — and turned that curiosity into the first mobile phone for Motorola. Of course the inventor made the first cellphone call on it and has said the phone was inspired by Star Trek’s Communicator. What is his name?

The clank and clamour of metal garbage cans being moved to the curb was too much for one Winnipegger who began experimenting with a newfangled material called polyethylene after the Second World War. He made his new invention in his kitchen and supplied to the Winnipeg General Hospital. You may now know them as Glad-brand garbage bags. What is his name?

Clodhoppers: Winnipeg is home to the two guys who came up with the delicious crunchy, fudge-covered graham clusters that are sold across the continent. They have now added OMG’s to their candy creations as well. What are their names, you need to provide both names to qualify.


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