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(City of Winnipeg Release)

WINNIPEG, MB – Applications are now being accepted for a new program that will provide discounted adult monthly transit passes to eligible families in the city of Winnipeg. Once the WINNpass becomes available for pick up, approved applicants will be able to load it with an adult monthly pass that costs 30 percent less than a full fare pass. City Council voted to bring in a low-income transit program in fall of 2019, and Winnipeg Transit partnered with organizations that serve families to bring it to fruition. Future phases of the program rollout will see drop off points for applications installed at locations in the community, including Winnipeg Harvest and all ACCESS centres in Winnipeg. The program is currently accepting applications by mail, fax, and online. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 related closures of Winnipeg Transit Customer Service Centres, the WINNpass is not currently available for pickup. Approved applicants will be able to pick up their WINNpass peggo cards and load them with discounted fares when all Customer Services Centres reopen. The phased-in WINNpass discount will grow to 40 percent in May 2021, 50 percent in May 2022. Winnipeg residents between the ages of 18 and 64 who meet one of the following criteria may qualify for the WINNpass program: • You are part of a household with income less than the Low Income Cut Off (LICO) • You are receiving Employment Income Assistance • You are a new permanent resident or a refugee who has been in Canada for less than a year and has not yet filed a tax return. Other adult household members may also be eligible for the discount, such as the partner or spouse of the applicant. More information about the program, including how to apply for a WINNpass, is available on


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