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Klein Welcomes Airport Plan

WINNIPEG, MB. - Councillor Kevin Klein said he welcomes the provinces announcement Monday, June 21, 2021, regarding a new Winnipeg Airport Vicinity Plan.

"I applaud the province for taking the initiative to undertake planning in Winnipeg. This review was long overdue. New development needs to be encouraged in all areas of Winnipeg, including in West Winnipeg,” said Klein.

“Growing the tax base means that the yearly property tax increases may not be needed if we have an environment that encourages investment and economic development.”

Klein will not support more spending of taxpayer dollars to hire another consultant to help develop an Airport Vicinity Plan in Winnipeg, which will be voted on at City Council this Thursday. Klein said, “It’s completely unnecessary when a long-awaited updated plan has already been developed.”

“The city of Winnipeg must now quickly implement the changes to our planning processes. I look forward to working with all of the stakeholders to ensure there is sensible development where appropriate and that our airport remains as a part of our economic engine for future growth," said Klein.

The Councillor added, “a well-managed City creates an environment for economic growth. It doesn’t create time delays, red tape, and unnecessary hurdles required in this competitive global market.”


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