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Klein Wants Better Service for Residents

WINNIPEG, MB - 2020 was a challenging year that left lasting impacts. Our city faces new challenges and division. Residents want their leaders to act responsibly and address critical issues in our community.

In 2021 I want to change City Hall from being a "Tax Collector" to being a "Service Provider" to residents. It's in our name we are the Public Service.

I will work to introduce policies that will increase accountability and efficiencies within the Public Service. I will work in partnership with businesses, not for profits, the arts, and residents to find creative solutions that will grow our local economy and build a solid foundation for our young people.

I will work to introduce policies that will make residents proud of our city when friends or relatives come to visit. Policies that will don't have you questioning the taxes you pay. Good services make good cities.

I am incredibly excited about our future. This community, our residents, have great potential. I will do what it takes to unleash that potential in all of us.

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