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Klein Says Flashing Amber Light Gift Agreement Reached

Winnipeg, MB - More than a year ago, Chuck Lewis, Expert Electric, had a conversation with his area Councillor Kevin Klein about an offer he made to City Council a few years back.

The offer was to provide the City of Winnipeg with solar-powered flashing amber lights for each school zone, at no cost to the taxpayers.

Councillor Klein was confused about the rejection of offer he took it upon himself to author a motion to revive the Flashing Amber Light gift. It has been discussed and delayed, but today it's water under the bridge.

Let's celebrate the day, acknowledge and thank Mr. Lewis for his generous gift that will add another layer of safety for our children and no cost to taxpayers.

Now, let's move onto more action to protect our youth and warn drivers. Klein said he is hoping to author a new motion this fall that will further improve road safety in school and park zones.

When asked why he dedicates time to these issues, Klein said, "the wheels of change need to start turning at City Hall. The current appointed Government approach may not be practical any longer. I committed to dedicating my four-year term to working towards positive changes in our City, to asking the tough questions, and holding people in power accountable for their actions.


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