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"When do we Work?"

WINNIPEG, MB. - During the January 2021 City Council meeting, the topics debated and considered did very little to improve the service to residents in Winnipeg. No policy changes to benefit residents in the future, no programs to assist residents suffering from current closures. It was over seven hours of talk, talk, and political posturing.

There was a long debate on buttons. Yes, buttons. A promise of one individual during a campaign. Voting buttons to replace standing up to be counted when a City Councillor votes opposed or in support, City Council debated this at length. But, the possibility of spending over $250 million on new fire stations passed quickly.

Councillor Kevin Klein (Charleswood-Tuxedo-Westwood) stood to address his colleagues regarding all the talk and political posturing and shared his embarrassment and disappointment, asking them to focus on real issues. Watch below.

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