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International Missing Children's Day

Winnipeg Police Service

Today is International Missing Children’s Day. The Winnipeg Police Service, along with our partners recognize, the agony families face when a child goes missing, and also celebrate the fact most reported missing children return home safely.

It is through the many partnerships the Winnipeg Police Service Missing Persons Unit has formed that we are able to achieve success in reuniting children with their caregivers. These include connections with the Canadian Centre for Child Protection, Street Reach Winnipeg and Child and Family Services. We would also like to acknowledge the Winnipeg Outreach Network (WON) which encompasses a number of grassroots organizations and shelters that work tirelessly everyday to help provide for those most vulnerable within our community.

The Missing Persons Unit also counts on support from general patrol officers, Ground Search and Rescue and Air 1, other law enforcement agencies within Manitoba, across Canada and abroad.

We greatly appreciate and extend our gratitude to all of our partners for the role they play in helping us to achieve success in keeping children safe. We also appreciate the vital role the media and public have played and continues to play in helping us locate missing children.

The Winnipeg Police Service continues to encourage families and guardians to always keep a watchful eye on children in their care, know who their friends are, where they live and what social media they are using. It is also important to have recent photographs readily available of your children in the event they suddenly go missing.

Through education and partnership, we hope to bring all missing children home safely.

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