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Government transparency crumbles under NDP rule, a call for accountability

As a former elected official, I have witnessed the power of promises and the responsibility that comes with holding the government accountable. Today, I find myself compelled to shed light on a troubling pattern emerging under the NDP government — a pattern of broken promises and a disturbing lack of transparency.

The NDP, once a fervent critic of the PC Government’s transparency record, now finds itself mired in its own quagmire of opacity. During the October election, the NDP campaigned on a platform of transparency and accountability, only to betray the trust of Manitobans by failing to uphold these very principles.

Nowhere is this betrayal more apparent than in the realm of health care, where Health Minister Uzoma’s veil of secrecy shrouds the surgical wait list from public scrutiny. Upon assuming office, the NDP hastily cancelled out-of-province surgeries, proclaiming themselves as the saviours who would rectify the system’s flaws. Yet, as time passes, wait times only grow longer under the Wab Kinew NDP government.

Read more in the Winnipeg Sun, click here.


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