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Ghost Guns Found in Westwood

Winnipeg Police Release

On May 14,2020, the Chief Firearm's Office advised the WPS Firearms Investigation Enforcement Unit (FIEU) that a male in Winnipeg had attempted to purchase a prohibited component for an AR-15 rifle from a firearms reseller in the City.

On May 20, FIEU executed a Public Safety Search Warrant in the first 100 block of West Ave. Officers located a total of 28 firearms, including 10 registered restricted handguns, one registered prohibited firearm, and 17 other various long guns.

The investigation revealed that a prohibited AR-15 rifle lower end receiver had been manufactured from a 3-D printer.

On May 21, a Criminal Code Search Warrant for evidence related to manufacturing firearms and components was executed at the same address.  Computers, a 3-D printer, hard drives, memory sticks, and various gun parts were seized.  In addition, Police seized many 'cast-off' 3-D printed components.

Seized:  Total 28 Firearms

Further investigation revealed that a lower receiver on a Glock 19 handgun was completely 3-D printed and fitted with a legitimate Glock upper receiver making it a functioning firearm. Additionally, one of the accused's registered restricted handguns was not located during the execution of the warrant and was not reported lost or stolen, as required by law.

On June 1, 2020,Corey James BOYD, 31, was arrested by members of FIEU. He was charged with the following offences:

 - Weapons Trafficking

 - Possession of a Firearm Knowing its Possession is Unauthorized

 - Lost Firearm or Weapon Not Reported

He was detained in custody. 


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