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Elected Officials Should Cut Their Expenses Before Programs

Elected officials give themselves a raise, increase expenses, and ensure they get pension.
Elected officials give themselves a raise.

In a recent move that slipped under the public radar, our Federal elected representatives pushed back the election date to ensure that many current Members of Parliament qualify for their golden pensions. This action has raised important questions about fiscal responsibility and the accountability of our elected officials. Why isn’t there an uproar in the streets demanding a return to the original election date? Why isn’t there a more significant pushback from political parties? The silence is deafening.

This decision highlights a disturbing trend: politicians prioritize their financial benefits over the fiscal health of the government and the economic well-being of the public. Despite the frequent rhetoric about cutting expenses and reducing taxes, actions like these starkly contradict those promises. Ensuring golden pensions for MPs amid discussions on fiscal austerity is nothing short of hypocritical.

The issue extends beyond the federal level. During the provincial election last year, the NDP and their union supporters criticized Conservative MLAs for accepting pay raises. A union was delivering pamphlets door to door, telling voters their MLA took a raise, but only if they were Conservatives. I didn’t see one in areas that had an NDP representative.

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