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City FIre Ban Lifted

Effective tonight at 6:00 pm Winnipeg’s fire ban will end.

Once the ban ends, residents may resume the use of residential fire pits in compliance with the neighbourhood liveability by-law. WFPS will also resume issuing permits for open-air fires and fireworks effective Thursday, August 12, 2021.

Residents must continue to exercise caution to prevent wildland and grass fires, and are reminded that burning yard waste, garbage, or scrap material is still prohibited within city limits and can result in a fine. Fires are prohibited if wind speeds exceed 25 km / hr.

It is also important to never dispose of smoking materials in any sort of vegetation or from vehicle windows. Butts should also never be put out in planter pots.

To protect businesses and homes from grass and brush fires, proper landscaping and vegetation management are important, particularly when conditions are dry. This includes thinning and pruning vegetation, removing trees and converting to fire-resistant plants, and general cleanup of brush, leaves, grass, and debris. Watering plants and vegetation in the area surrounding your home is also important, particularly in the first 10 meters around the home.

Other strategies include storing firewood at least 10 meters away from structures, and ensuring approved outdoor fire receptacles are in an open area away from overhanging vegetation.


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