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Christmas Decorating Winners

On November 26th I was proud to announce a Holiday Decorating Contest for our ward of Charleswood-Tuxedo-Westwood.

Three local community organizations accepted the responsibility for the C-T-W Holiday Decorating contest. They were the Charleswood 55+ Active Living Centre, the Tuxedo Community Centre, and the St. James Assiniboia Museum.

My deepest gratitude to the volunteers and staff who accepted the challenge, but also put in the time necessary to make this contest work as well as it did.

Each community groups received $500 each. A total of $1500 went back into our local economy because the three groups purchased gift cards from locally owned and operated businesses, Winnipeggers supporting Winnipeggers.

I look forward to working with the groups again next year on another contest idea for our communities.

Not all photos are available at this moment, but here are some of the winning homes.


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